June 19, 2012

Hello Everyone! 
  We will be at AT&T, just like always this week.  See you there! :) (6/20)

June 4, 2012


Remember: No camp this week (6/6/2012).   We will be back in action same time same place next week, 6-13-12.

 3:30-5:15 younger group (including setters)
5:15-5:30 all setters
5:45-7:30 older group (including setters)

*Older group (entering 10-12 grade)  If you could show up at 5:30 and start to get yourselves warmed up before, that would be great!  There are plenty of balls around to go warm up against a wall or with a partner.  Not a requirement, but it would benefit all involved! :)

See you
"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."
Michael Jordan

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