December 12, 2009

Stanford Trip

Ok, I don't even know where to begin.

Lets start at the begining. I am in California, about 3 miles away from Stanford University. I came down here with my mom to see Stanford play in thier regional tournament. Out of 64 teams, they were in the final 8. Unfortunetly, Friday night they lost to Michigan. It was a fantastic game though and I took lots of pictures. They are posted on the blog, check them out!

So Saturday night we went and watched the championship game. Hawaii vs. Michigan, well during the intermission, I went over with my "Alaska Loves Stanford" sign and SAT NEXT TO JOHN DUNNING! Yeah thats right, I went right up to the Stanford coach and said "Hello, I was wondering if you would sign my sign?" Well he did and my mom and I talked to him for a bit. Turns out the guy has been to Palmer before. I felt a bit like Kasara getting an autograph from the UAA girls. :) Well after that I didn't concentrate on the game as much but Hawaii won in 3. They are moving on to play Penn State in the final 4.
"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."
Michael Jordan

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