October 23, 2009

Big Varsity Win Over Chugiak

I didn't stay for the varsity game last night, so I don't have a lot of details but here is what I know:

Varsity won in 4 games. They lost the first but took care of business the next 3 games. I know that Jenna played a ball off the top of her head when the score was 25-25 and the team stuck with it and sent the ball back over and ended up winning the point.

What else do I know?
I know that Chugiak is a very good school. They beat South in 3 last week and that's not easy to do.

So I'd have to say well done!!


Wednesday night was a big night for the c-team, after a 2 day pool play, they went in and beat Houston right away. Then they fought off a #3 ranked ACS team and beat them in 2. This put them into the championship game against a really tough Grace team. Palmer won the first, lost the second and they went into a third game Palmer winning the serve. Great serving led by Megin, Kristen V, and Miranda gave them a large lead and Grace could never recover. Palmer won the championship for the second year in a row.

Kristen V. had an excellent day and tournament. Jaime played great as well, she had a dig that was called "the dig of all times" by a watching volleyball coach. (it wasn't steve, bryce or myself). Shanara had the play of the week when she took off after a shanked ball and was able to send it back on to the other which was well over 35 feet away.

Miranda and Megin were both on the all tournament team, good job girls!

I am hoping to get a few pictures of the cteam tourney, if you have any you'd like to share, please email them to me. I'll try and post a few later today.

October 22, 2009


Yep that's right, the JV team won their end of season tournament at Wasilla High School last night after defeating Wasilla on their home court.

First Palmer beat Grace in 2 games. Then the battled through a very strong ACS team and won in 3. The Wasilla game started great and the team worked hard the whole way through. Kellie had a very nice pancake after practicing in warmups. Sarah Scorsby was owning the net the entire day. Lily passed nearly perfect all night. She stepped up in a real big way. I'm sure Anna was appreciative. Anna put up nice set after nice set. Jessica has become a fan of the back-armed tip. Devynn was playing outstanding defense and Taylor served them off the court. KaLene and Kasara both played great and made the all tournament team. Those were just some of the highlights, the team played great all day and really earned their trophy. Although- with a team full of clutch players, what else could you expect?

Pictures will follow. Be patient it will probably be later today, check back around 1:00

October 18, 2009

Skyview/Homer Recaps

Not much to say. Friday night was rough for all 3 teams. Each team gave up to many easy points and unfortunately Skyview got the better of us.

Saturday morning was a bit better. All three teams came out ready to fight and took out Homer in just a few short hours. We were back on the bus in no time and headed home.

Tomorrow is the JV and c-team end of season tournaments. JV is at Wasilla High School and C-Team is at Colony High school. I hope both teams come ready to play.

October 15, 2009

Peninsula Trip

Since Kasara loves it when I keep the blog updated, I will post a little something this morning...

We are going on our one and only road trip this year and here are the details:

We leave PHS at 8:30am Friday morning.
We will be on a regular bus with 30 girls and 3 coaches plus everyone's bags and sleeping bags and pillows. This means we will be crowded so PACK LIGHT!!! We will get to Kenai mid afternoon and we'll stop for lunch. Then we will go to the school and win 3 matches bam bam bam and probably get back on the bus and go to Homer. Then sleep on the hard classroom floor and get up the next day, win 3 more matches get back on the bus and head home. We won't be home until late Saturday night. If you want to ride home with your parents you are more than welcome to.

What should you bring? ONLY THE ESSENTIALS!!!
Both jerseys
Both Shoes
Both Kneepads
Both Ankle braces
Sleeping bag
catch phrase
Money - enough for 4 meals... if you pack snacks then you can get away with less money $20-$40 go with $40 if you are planning on buying all your food.

I am sure there are some things I'm forgetting but if If I think of something I'll add it later. Please don't rely on my list, make your own, this is just some ideas.

Pack light, Wear your coat and sweats on the bus, it usually gets pretty cold. If you must shower, you'll want to bring a towel and other shower essentials, I would encourage you to pass on showering :) haha, unless you stink, then go ahead and shower, but if you don't shower on a regular basis anyway (you know who you are), don't start now.
You really won't need jeans or real clothes of any kind, you can wear your sweats everywhere we go. You won't need more than 1 pair of shoes besides your volleyball shoes.

October 14, 2009

Colony Recap

So last night had its started out on a not so good note with C-Team and JV both losing in 3.

In the C-Team game, Miranda was putting up some very nice sets and both Jaime and Megin were putting the ball away. Palmer fought pretty hard for it, but a couple of dropped balls later and Colony had taken the third game.

The JV game started out slow but things livened up in the second game. Sarah decided it was about time she owned the net and Colony had a tough time getting past her block. Lily was making some very nice passes all night and in the third game Anna put up a perfect outside set to KaLene who crushed the ball. In the end, just like C-Team, JV couldn't finish out the game and ended up with a loss. Both teams will play Colony again next week in their end of season tournaments and Colony isn't going to know what hit them. We were just joking, they haven't seen us bring out A game yet.

Varsity was a completely different story. After coming off a Wasilla win, and the big win at the Grace Invitational, the varsity looks like a seriously legit team. They took care of Colony without hesitation. They fought for every point no matter if they were leading or not. Kendal, Nicole and Mallory were getting kills left and right, some of their success must be attributed to the setting which was great. Well I could go on and on, but I'm out of time. Great job girls! Keep working hard for every point this season and things will keep working out for you.

October 12, 2009

Grace Invitational

Varsity won the Grace Invitational Volleyball Tournament this weekend. I went in and watched a bit of it. The girls came off the win from Wasilla and carried their new "they aren't going to score on me" attitude into the tournament. Once again a huge team effort went into the win. It could not have been done without 11 girls and 6 coaches all working together haha. I wasn't able to stay for the championship game but I hear it was a good one. Palmer won in 3. Palmer won the first, lost the second and took control of the third. Winning play: Perfect pass by Brittany, beautiful "1" jump set, and BAM big hit into area 5 by Nicole.

MVP of the tournament was our very own Brittany Arlow.
All tournament team members included our very own Nicole Cherrier and Jenna Arlow.

Good job to the whole team.

Wasilla Game Recap

What a wonderful set of matches to watch on Thursday. All three teams brought back wins over Wasilla.

C-team set the standard pretty high by winning in 2. The second game they really took care of business and won 25-10.

JV lost their first game however the second and third games of the match were the best I’ve ever seen them play. The second game they matched c-team and won 25-10 and the third game they took a commanding lead and never looked back, the final score was 15-3. Anna played a big part serving 18 serves in the match with 4 aces and no errors. (all with a nice medium tough floater I must add.)

So with C-team and JV matches already settled, it was varsity’s turn to take the floor. Varsity started strong in game one but let Wasilla back in to win the game. Palmer came out with a new attitude that game and won the following 3 to take the match. The 4th game was a commanding 25-13 win. There was a new attitude amongst the varsity team that I haven’t seen there since the last year we won regions. Each player it seemed had taken the first game’s loss personally. Everyone was committed to winning and taking out the other team. Morgan was heard saying “I can totally take her!!” when talking about Wasilla’s big middle hitting at her. From that point out she made that middle work really hard if she wanted to score and I would say Morgan won that round. Danielle played truly great defense and helped contribute to the win even though she decided she’d rather duck than dig one of those hits. Just kidding Danielle. Mallory was heard saying “how dare they call that ball up! I hit it straight down!” She did hit the ball with some serious authority during that Match.

All three teams played some truly great volleyball. C-team just plain took care of business. JV played the best defense I’ve ever seen them play. Varsity completely changed their mindset into a kick butt mentality and that showed in their skills. Great game girls!

Last thing I have to say is an overall compliment to every team. I think I watched the most unselfish volleyball I’ve seen in a very long time. Every girl worked really hard on taking care of the ball to get it into the next player’s hands. Defense was great on every team. Each person was committed to making a pass before they tried to run off and set or hit. “Take care of the pass” as Steve would say, then worry about the next step. When someone got a perfect set however, all teams decided to hit with authority and trusted their team enough to know that if a mistake happened they would just move on to the next play. I loved all the games! Truly great!!

October 11, 2009

Alright so apparently people actually do read the blog, I wasn't so sure until I started receiving complaints that I haven't updated it, so here goes.

Varsity won the Grace Invitational this weekend! haha, that's all I got. I'll write a full recap tomorrow. Off to play rockband!
"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."
Michael Jordan

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