July 27, 2009

Friday's Recap & Other Random Thoughts...

Friday was so many days ago that I’m afraid this recap isn’t going to be very good. I remember that we had 8 but one girl bailed out before we got to play much… darn her. Just Kidding!!! I’m glad she came for the amount of time she did. However we’ve been missing a particular setter for several weeks now and It’s about time she gets back.

We did lots and lots of review. There has been lots of improvement in all areas of the game. I was particularly impressed with our youngest Cassidy and her blocking technique and footwork. I can’t wait for her to make her 8th grade volleyball debut. We’ll all have to get together and go watch! Speaking of that, I’m sure we would love to have her come in and watch some high school games! I know I could put her to use taking stats at the end of the bench! Cassidy let me know if you want to help out!!

I saw some girls make some serious changes to the hitting. Some of you were doing a much better job staying behind the ball. You know who you are.

So this week is our last little gathering and I’m bummed I’ll have to miss it. I think Steve has a lot of playing planned so you’ll have lots of fun. Be sure to show up. The following week we will have 2 open gyms, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. I really encourage you all to come, I’ll be there along with lots of the other coaches you see lurking around. For those of you who don’t know what open gym is, its where we just go in and play. We’ll set up both courts and anyone who shows up will get to play. We might do a bit of hitting lines to get warmed up, but for the most part it’s play, play, play. Don’t be shy anyone hoping to play vball this fall is welcome to come! And I’m going to go as far as to welcome our lone 8th grader to open gym.

See you all when I get back!

July 19, 2009

Beach Pictures

Beach Volleyball 7-18-2009

Jenna Arlow and KaLene Smith pose before they take to the sand at the beach volleyball tournament 7-18-2009. The girls did great in pool play, beating thier first opponent 25-5. Later that day, they lost to the team who went on to take second, but even though they are both competative, they still enjoyed themselves enough to want to do it again. Next time I'm hoping for an all Palmer final. :)

Friday Recap

So Friday we spent some time working on hitting. We split into a couple groups, Steve took a group to hit off boxes and I took a group to work on everything leading up to the hit. I saw Jessica hit a couple really nice balls during the day, and Allison won our "approach off-with ball" competition. Meagan gets my most improved vote for the day for her work on hitting. She started really working hard on using good footwork and the hits looked good.

With only 2 weeks left, we will cover everything again, lots more passing, hitting and serving to come. Setters plan on setting a lot in the next 2 sessions.

Have a good week!

July 17, 2009

Poll Results are in!

Looks like most of you favor Harry Potter over Twilight.

57% Harry Potter
14% Twilight
14% They both rock!
14% They both stink!

Which leaves me to question, Team Edward or Team Jacob?

July 16, 2009

Last Friday

Well, I apologize for not posting anything recently. Alicia went and got married so I didn’t make it in on Friday. I heard good things about last weeks camp though and I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow night!

July 3, 2009

Just a reminder, there is no volleyball tonight. Have a great 4th of July!

July 1, 2009

New Video To Check out.

Nebraska Volleyball

Poll Results

Here is the final poll results:

Do you want to play vball in college?
42% - Yep anywhere I just want to play
35% - First I'll pick my college, then if I make the vball team, great.
14% - Only if they pay me (Scholarships)
7% - Nope only high school vball for me

Volleyball Festival -Phoenix

Click here to check the results of from this years volleyball festival. There are several Palmer players on this years AVA team. I hear they are doing pretty well and I hope they have a successful trip.
"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."
Michael Jordan

Volleyball Gifts