March 15, 2009

Summer Countdown

Hello Everyone! There is now a countdown timer at the bottom of the page for anyone interested in knowing how many days left you have until the end of the school year.

Summer is great for you because you don't have school but it's better for volleyball players because we are gearing up for the season with all the camps and pre-season stuff. Pretty exciting right?

March 8, 2009

Overview of Volleyball Camps

Alright, so I know there is a lot of information floating around out there about volleyball camps being offered this summer, so I'm going to list and review each one in one simple post. I know you all have lives and probably can't attend all of them, so maybe this will help your decisions. Here goes:
(in no particular order)

Middle School Vball Clinic hosted by PHS
This clinic is one day (May 9th) at PHS. The fee is $25 and you'll get a t-shirt and lunch. Anyone in grades 6,7 or 8 is welcome to come. This camp is a bunch of fun and it will review fundamentals you can work on at home, or during your practices. This camp is recommended for anyone who really enjoys volleyball and wants to learn fundamentals or tone in their game before the next vball season. click here for more information.

Summer Session hosted by PHS
This camp will take place one day a week all summer. Players will be split up into positions and will spend their time working on their individual game. Very little team play will occur. This camp is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their skills and prepare for the 2009 season. Click here for more information.

Northern Lights Volleyball Camp
This camp is hosted by Northern Lights, and is run by the coaches from Arizona Sate. This camp is a full week, and the coaches are great. You will have a good time and learn a lot, and all for a good price. You wont get a lot of individual attention, but you will get a great overview of the fudamentals of the game. Click here for more information.

Midnight Sun Volleyball Skills
This camp runs just like the Summer Session hosted by PHS. The volleyball players get a lot of individual attention are video taped and reviewed during that session. The drawback is that it's a little more expensive and you'll be driving in and out of anchorage all summer. Click here for more information.

You can find information on these camps on this website, or visit the links on the right and side of the page.

Hope this helps, if you want advice you can email me at or Steve

The #1 Reason Not To Overpass...

Haha, I love the guy yelling at the end :)

Middle School Clinic is Here!

May 9th is our annual middle school volleyball clinic at Palmer High School. This is open to anyone in 6th, 7th and 8th grade who wants to join us for a day of volleyball. The price is $25 and you will receive a camp t-shirt and lunch. For more information, or to sign up, click here.

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